My Story

Welcome. I’m Anne Stine.

I’d like to share my story to encourage you that it’s never too late to follow your dreams. I’m living proof this is possible.

As a child, I painted as easily as breathing or skipping down the sidewalk. It just was a part of me. As I grew up and entered college, I focused my energy on a career in marketing while continuing art classes and painting portraits on the side. However after I graduated, I was too busy raising money for museums and performing arts centers to pay much attention to my own creative passions. I loved the work and it felt good to do
my part in keeping the Arts alive.

Yet, as a bird yearns to fly, I longed to follow my own creative journey as an artist. But, I was stuck. My paint brushes packed securely away in boxes, resigned to the belief that I had missed my opportunity to be an artist and it was too late to start something new.

Then, my life took a turn. I met my husband who encouraged me to follow my dreams. Sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement to ignore the fear of beginning and take that first step. Of course, I started with baby steps. I continued instruction at the Corcoran School of Art at the Smithsonian Institute and did my best to paint as much as possible while raising a family. Slowly, I regained my confidence and opened a mural painting business in 2001. Thirteen years later while raising three children, I decided to take the plunge into creating mixed media art.

Now, I’ve finally found my artistic voice through the encaustic medium and enjoy participating in numerous art shows, teaching classes, hanging work in local galleries and participating with other artists in yearly art tours. Turns out I was wrong. It wasn’t too late to see my dreams come true.
Friends ask me if I regret choosing a long winding road to achieve my dream? Not at all. My dad used to say,

“All of our experiences are just books on a shelf.”

I pull from what I learned in my former professional life frequently on my creative journey. One of my greatest joys is sharing my story and encouraging others as they find their artistic voice and share it with the world. You’ll find practical resources and encouragement in growing your creative life in my BLOG.

I had a great time sitting down with Lisa Strout of Tryst Gallery for an interview about my work. It can be found on the gallery’s blog.

Giving Back in the Community

I’ve enjoyed heading up the scenic design at our local middle school and high school for many years. Some of the shows include, Lion King, Annie, James and the Giant Peach, Beauty and the Beast, Cats, Little Mermaid and Three Musketeers.

The Loudoun Valley High School cast during rehearsal of “James and the Giant Peach”

Painting 18’ panels for “James and the Giant Peach”

mixed media artist