I’m an artist and art instructor living in western Loudoun County, Virginia. I believe in embracing the unpredictable and taking creative risks in my art. In sharing what I know to encourage others. And, it’s never too late to start living your dream.

My passion is creating mixed media encaustic contemporary landscape paintings. Encaustic is a mixture of beeswax, resin and pigment. Wielding a blowtorch, I manipulate the wax and other media into abstract images of landscapes, waterways and other natural scenes. The unpredictable nature of wax is what excites me to push the limits and discover new ways to express my vision.

You’ll see I use an impressionistic style full of vibrant color, rich textures and unexpected designs. Each painting is inspired by my love and awe of nature I hold deeply in my heart. Growing up in Virginia, my entire childhood was spent playing outdoors. I capture this childlike wonder in my paintings inviting the viewer to escape with me and meditate on the beauty of our natural world.


Upcoming Workshops

No workshops at this time. Check back this summer when the stay-at-home mandate is lifted.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Sadly, all exhibitions are cancelled due to the coronvirus social distancing mandate. You can see my work that is currently available for sale HERE.