Part One

Part One

Part Two

Part Two

Facebook LIVE interview with Jim Sisley, owner of Tryst Gallery, Leesburg, VA, about my process and inspiration behind the “Living Water” collection. December, 2018. Part One and Two.



Here are comments from my Instagram followers. Follow me on Instagram HERE:
“Gorgeous! Such vibrancy in color, yet so real!”

“Beautiful interpretation. As a sky gazer, these (sky paintings) draw me in immediately!”

“Makes me feel like I’m really at the beach!”

About Me

I paint contemporary landscape paintings with bold color and extreme texture made with beeswax paint (encaustic). My work is exciting and experimental, full of movement and emotion. Wielding a blowtorch and letting my creative intuition lead the way; I gouge, scrape, burn and drip the wax into impressionistic images of landscapes, waterways and other natural scenes. It’s the unpredictable nature of the process that really excites me to push the limits and bring my subject alive.
My art is inspired by my love and awe of nature. I don’t think it is right that our planet’s beautiful natural landscapes are drastically being depleted at an alarming rate, robbing future generations of enjoying their beauty.  It’s my personal mission to capture the world’s beauty in my art for as long as I can and help protect it through charitable giving.

Unique textured landscapes that beg to be touched

Often I see people at art exhibits reach out to touch one of my painting and suddenly stop themselves. looking around to see if anyone noticed. LOL! It’s the texture that jumps off the panel giving the painting its sensual nature. People tell me that my paintings make them feel like they’re there in the scene. Perhaps it’s the emotive quality of my work that allows people to escape and reflect, yet also engage in what they are seeing.
Scroll through my shop and maybe you will find that special piece that calls to your soul OR hire me to preserve a beautiful memory by having a commissioned painting made from a favorite photo. You’ll love seeing “that special place” hanging on your wall so your family can recall good times together.


ARTS PROMOTER – Supporting the Arts

I’ve always wanted to be an artist, it just took me a while to get there. Arts Communications is what I focused on at college and lead me to a 15-year career in promoting large arts organizations including the New Jersey Performing Arts Center and the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, where I managed their membership fundraising campaigns. I loved my career, but becoming an artist was always in the back of my mind. I remember visiting clients at prominent art museums thinking, “I really want my paintings hanging in a gallery someday.”


ARTIST – Chasing the Dream

So, I set the goal and was determined to reach it. Sure the fear of being too old to start and not having an art degree were there; but, I thought what did I have to lose? I decided to further my art education at the Corcoran School for the Arts in D.C. and the Art League in Alexandria, VA, while raising my three kids. I later opened a mural business where I could hone my skills and learn about the business of art. The shift to painting original work came 10 years later when a local shop owner offered me a solo exhibit. Hallelujah! A few years later, I’m now teaching, exhibiting in galleries and working as an arts advocate in my hometown. It took a while, but as they say, “It’s not a race.”



It’s very important to me that I give back to the community. Volunteering to help local schools with their theater sets, opening a community art gallery, and lending a hand to promote local art organizations brings me joy that is simply priceless.

Purcellville Artisan Tour is an art tour of Loudoun County Artisan Trail members from Purcellville, Virginia. I helped organize over 20 artists and agri-artisans open their doors for a fun weekend of holiday shopping.

The Purcellville  Art Gallery is a community art gallery that promotes Loudoun County artists. It’s been an amazing experience to grow a gallery from the ground up and help the Arts flourish in my town.


You can read my Artist Statement and Biography here.