Commissioned Home Decor

If you wish to transform your living space or office from the ordinary into the extraordinary, I am inviting you to start now by allowing me to create a custom designed painting of your choice. You select the size, color theme, and subject for the painting. I’ll supply a drawn mock-up of the painting for your approval before I begin. You can get as creative as you wish by adding found objects like a vintage letter or photograph, your favorite hymn or poem . . . the choices are endless. By adding a little bit of yourself, you help create a personalized painting you’ll treasure forever.

Maybe you like one of the paintings you’ve seen on this site but would like a different size. Although I could never recreate a painting exactly, I can create a similar piece to your specifications. Please contact me for more details.

“Birch Trees”, 40″x40″ acrylic mixed media

Commissioned Gifts

Using copies of your personal photographs, memorabilia, and other unique items; I can create a gift that is heirloom quality that’s treasured for years to come. A hand painted gift is straight from the heart and a special touch for a friend’s home.

War Hero, 8”x8” acrylic mixed media on panel.

How do you get started on a painting?

If it’s a collage painting you are looking for; pull together the memorabilia you would like to add to the design (photos, letters, prose or poetry, bible verse or hymn, material, jewelry, etc.). Decide on what size and colors you prefer. Then, contact me to start the process.

 I always enjoy collaborating with my clients on their artwork to create a VISION  based on their individual style, taste and décor.  You can scroll through my shop to get some ideas. Contact me today for a FREE CONSULTATION. Quotes can be given over the phone.